Measure marketers before you hire them.

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Save time and money.

Your team's time is valuable. By using Onesift's proprietary pre-employment assessments for digital marketing candidates, you can cut the time spent interviewing candidates by more than 50%. 

Use data, not feelings.

It's hard to argue with data. Hiring is one of the most important responsibilities in any company, gain a competitive edge by relying on data rather than feelings when it comes to hiring.

Hire the best.

A great company is made up of great people. Using a data-driven hiring process will up your hiring game and bring in higher quality people more consistently and accurately.

There is a very clear emerging trend that marketers are becoming more technical and that market is still new and not well captured by others. 

Gustaf Alströmer, Growth at Airbnb

Hire the best

Better marketers, guaranteed.

Real world challenges

The irrelevance of tasks asked in most interviews have little if any ability to predict how candidates will perform. There’s no way to distinguish between those who are innately bright and those who simply practiced with case interviews and brain teasers. Our strategy is to put candidates through real world marketing scenarios they would actually encounter in real life.

More productive interviews

Most interviews are a waste of time because 99.4% of the time is spent trying to confirm initial impressions formed in the first 10 seconds. To eliminate confirmation bias, we've built meaningful challenges that measure and quantify marketing related skills and experience. Our tools help you gain better insight on candidate strengths and capability, while helping you ignore bias.

Skills not credentials

Credentials should not be used as a proxy for talent. Education and employment history are meaningful, but relying soley on them results in missing great marketers. Great marketers come from different walks of life. It's what you can actually do that matters, not where you went to school. Evaluate candidates consistently and fairly, and don't base hiring decisions on just gut feeling.

Know your candidates

Save time by focusing your hiring efforts on candidates that demonstrate the skills and determination to succeed, not those who look good on paper. We screen and evaluate candidates on their ability to consume new data, analyze technical marketing scenarios, and make calculated decisions independent of past experience and knowledge. Candidates are ranked against peers.

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